Why Do My Nipples Hurt After Swimming?3 common causes

It is a fairly common problem that people often find that their nipples are sore after engaging in the sport of swimming.
While this may be very disconcerting to you, don’t worry, many people experience sore nipples after swimming.
This article will explain some of the common causes of “why do my nipples hurt after swimming” and provide you with some advice on how to ease the discomfort.

Common causes of nipple pain after swimming

There are many reasons for sore nipples after swimming; here are some of the most common

Nipple rubbing against water

A common cause of sore nipples is the skin of the Nipple rubbing against the water.
While swimming, the friction of the water can cause the skin of the Nipple to break down, which can cause pain.
People who swim for a long time or swim frequently will often experience this problem.

Irritation from swimsuit material

Another possible cause of nipple pain is Irritation from swimsuit material.
Certain materials may cause sensitization or Irritation to the skin of the Nipple, which in turn can cause pain and discomfort.
Some people are sensitive to certain synthetic fibers, so it is advisable to choose a swimsuit material that is breathable and skin-friendly.

Allergy to chlorine

Chlorine is a common pool sanitizer, but some people are allergic to it and may experience nipple discomfort after swimming.
Chlorine dries out the skin and causes irritation, which can lead to nipple pain and discomfort.
If you suspect you are allergic to chlorine, consider using skin care products to ease the discomfort.

Bacterial infections

If the water used for swimming is not fully sterilized because of the delicate skin tissue in the nipple area, it can cause a bacterial infection of the Nipple.
Mild symptoms simply cause nipple pain, while some serious ones may even become red, swollen, and inflamed.
Swimming in a well-sterilized pool can avoid the risk of bacterial infection.

why do my nipples hurt after swimming
why do my nipples hurt after swimming

How to prevent sore nipples

Prevention is better than cure. We can take some methods below to prevent nipple pain after swimming

  1. Choose the right size and the right material of swimsuit; avoid those that are too tight or can cause Allergy;
  2. Use moisturizer or lubricant to protect nipples before swimming;
  3. Wash your body and nipples with lukewarm water after each swim to keep them clean and reduce the risk of bacterial infection;

Ways to relieve sore nipples

If you are already experiencing sore nipples, here are some ways to relieve them:

  • Using cold compresses: applying ice or cold water to the Nipple can help relieve pain and reduce swelling;
  • Using herbal remedies: some natural herbs, such as aloe vera gel or lavender oil, can relieve nipple pain and discomfort;
  • Consultation with a doctor: if nipple pain persists and seriously affects your daily life, it is advisable to consult a doctor for further treatment and advice.

How long does it take to seek medical advice for sore nipples after swimming

Usually, nipple pain after swimming does not last too long and usually resolves on its own in 1-3 days. However, in some of the following cases, please seek medical help immediately:

  • Nipple pain lasts for more than a week;
  • The Nipple becomes visibly red, swollen, ulcerated, or bleeding;
  • Nipple pain is accompanied by other serious symptoms such as fever and breast swelling.

Common problems with sore nipples after swimming

Although sore nipples after swimming is a common problem, there are some common questions that people may sometimes encounter. Here are some answers to common questions:

Why do my nipples only hurt after swimming?

This may be due to the friction and Irritation of the water during swimming causing nipple pain;

What can I do to relieve my sore nipples?

You can use some lubricants or herbal remedies to relieve sore nipples, or you can apply cold compresses to relieve the pain.

Is sore nipples a serious problem?

Usually, sore nipples are not too serious a problem and can be relieved by some self-care methods.


Sore nipples after swimming can be bothersome and uncomfortable, but in most cases, it is temporary and can be relieved with a few preventative and therapeutic methods.
Keeping your nipples moist and nourished, as well as avoiding excessive friction and Irritation, are key to reducing nipple pain.
If nipple pain persists or is accompanied by other serious symptoms, consult your doctor promptly.

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