Why Do Cats Like to Be Spanked?6 reasons

There is a magic switch on a cat’s body, and that’s the butt; every time you pat a cat’s butt, the cat is very comfortable and will beg its owner to touch its butt more often.

A cat’s favorite spot to be touched is the butt, followed by the head, then the chest and areas such as the hind legs and stomach can be considered off-limits to cats, and no one is allowed to touch them.

Why do cats like to be spanked? Let’s examine this question more deeply to understand better your cat and its preference for being spanked.

Do cats like to be spanked?

Most cats love to be spanked. 

A cat’s tail nerves are susceptible, and a swat will produce varying degrees of pain.

However, this pain is very minimal, and more stimulation is produced, and this mild stimulation can be pleasurable for the cat.

Reasons why cats like to be spanked?

Release of Endorphins

Endorphin is an endogenous (secreted by the pituitary gland) morphine-like biochemical synthesizer hormone.

It is an amino compound (peptide) secreted by the pituitary gland and the subthalamus in vertebrates. It produces a powerful sense of pleasure in cats.

A cat’s tail nerves are susceptible, and stimulation of these nerve endings may be the signal that triggers the release of endorphins from the cat’s brain.

The release of endorphins causes a pleasant sensation in the cat, and the brain subconsciously believes that it deserves to be patted on the butt more often and that this kind of gratification is comforting.

Social Interaction

Some cats like to play peek-a-boo with their owners, and some cats like to be petted on the head; every cat’s preferred method of interaction is different, and your cat’s preferred method of exchange may be a pat on the butt.

When you pat your cat’s butt, your cat may see it as your way of trying to socialize and suggest a relationship.

So, to get closer to you, it will act like it likes to be patted on the butt by you, making the relationship even closer.

Satisfying Sexual Desire

A cat that is constantly bucking its butt at its owner is most likely a cat in heat. Cats will feel hard during heat and want to do everything possible to get a cat to mate.

And patting the cat’s butt may be just the right time to bring it pleasure, relieve the pain brought by the heat and ease the physical discomfort.

Pampering to the owner

In fact, the cat lifts up its own buttocks for the owner to slap, which is also the way the cat to the owner of pampering.

Because in the eyes of the cat, the owner likes to pat the buttocks, and patting the cat’s buttocks will make the owner happy.

So in order to make you happy and to eat more delicious food, it will give you a pat on its butt.

Stop itching

Cats are spotless animals. We can see cats licking their bodies and grooming themselves when they are not doing anything.

But cats can’t clean every part of their body, and it may happen that the cat’s tail is not able to clean itself and itch.

And when it is patted, it can effectively stop the itching and feel very comfortable, so cats like to be patted on the buttocks.

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Habits developed during kittenhood

Generally speaking, when the cat leaves the mother cat after two months, and before leaving the mother cat, the mother cat usually stimulates the kitten to defecate by licking the kitten’s body and anus, and at this time, the cat will put its buttocks up to compete for a favor, so that the mother cat can lick it for itself first.

Therefore, if you see a cat with its butt up in the air waiting for you to pat it, it means that the cat trusts you and is willing to be taken care of by you, which is a kind of goodwill and even a way to show love.

Why do cats like to be spanked
Why do cats like to be spanked

What does it feel like when a cat is spanked?

Not every cat likes to be spanked. Some cats like the feeling of being spanked, which makes them feel relaxed and enhances the bond between the cat and the owner.

However, some cats may feel very uncomfortable or annoyed by a spanking and may even roll over and bite their owner when they are spanked.

How to pat a cat’s butt

Patting a cat’s butt is like giving a massage to a human being, and each cat can accept a different level of intensity.

Usually, you can observe under what kind of force the cat will become too excited or want to escape and then try to control it below the power that is comfortable for the cat.

But be sure to respect the cat’s wishes and stop patting the cat’s bottom immediately when the cat shows impatience.


Why do cats like their lower back patted?

A cat’s butt or back is a sensitive part of the body, and it will feel comfortable and happy when patted.

And when you pat your cat gently, your cat will see it as your way of showing affection.

So, cats love to be spanked on the butt and back.

Do cats respond to spanks?

If it is a gentle pat on your cat’s butt, it will make him feel pleasant and relaxed.

But a heavier forceful pat on the cat’s butt may lead to a severe emergency reaction of lethargy or a very cranky cat.


Overall, it is normal for cats to enjoy being patted on the bottom. This behavior is related to their body language and social behavior.

When you notice that your cat expresses his emotions through his butt posture, you can gently pat his butt as a way to strengthen the bond between you.

Of course, you need to make your cat feel safe and relaxed before patting, and don’t force it, or it will backfire.

So, does your cat like to be spanked?

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