Why Do Ants Visit the Zoo on Cold Days?3 reasons

Have you ever noticed that with the arrival of winter, there seem to be more ants in the Zoo?
You may wonder why ants go to the Zoo in winter.
This question seems to be of interest to more and more people, and in this article, we will uncover the mystery from several perspectives.

Reasons why Ants go to the Zoo in Winter

Abundant food resources

In the wild, food resources are scarce during winter, posing significant challenges for ants to survive and reproduce. They cannot find suitable food sources.
However, animals in the Zoo are artificially fed and do not lack food. Additionally, visitors often leave behind food residues on the ground. Therefore, ants migrate to the Zoo during the cold winter.
After all, food is the most important asset for ants to survive.

Suitable temperature

During winter, the Zoo provides heating for visitors and animals that are not adapted to the cold, keeping them away from the winter chill.
Most ants can survive in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, with the optimum temperature being between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, allowing them to carry out various activities to the fullest.
When the outside world is covered in snow and ice, the temperature requirements of ants prompt them to come to the Zoo.

Safe environment

Ants face various natural enemies when living in the wild, such as spiders, centipedes, birds, and pangolins.
However, the Zoo not only provides suitable temperatures but also avoids threats from natural enemies in the wild.
Moreover, the nests established in the Zoo are not easily destroyed.
This safe environment encourages more ants to migrate to the Zoo during winter.

Why Do Ants Visit the Zoo on Cold Days?
Why Do Ants Visit the Zoo on Cold Days?

Other questions

What do ants do in winter?

Ants usually enter a dormant state during winter.
They seek a suitable place, such as underground or tree hollows, to spend the winter.
However, if there is a suitable temperature and food, ants will not enter dormancy.
This is also one of the reasons why ants, like cold-loving animals migrate to warmer places, such as the Zoo.

Do ants have a brain?

Ants do have a brain. Although their brains are very small, they are sufficient to control their behavior and perceive the surrounding environment.
Ants’ brains consist of many neurons that process and transmit information, enabling ants to adapt to their environment and respond appropriately.

Why don’t ants get lost?

Ants have a highly sensitive vision. They use both land-based landmarks and aerial objects as references for navigation. The position of the sun and sunlight reflected from the blue sky can be used to recognize the direction back to the nest.


The winter zoo provides abundant food resources and a warm environment, which is why ants like to go to the Zoo in winter.
If you have more interest in insect behavior and the Zoo, consider planning a trip to the Zoo to observe the behavior of ants and other animals firsthand. It will be an educational and entertaining experience!

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